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Off World Kick Death Squad

by MK9

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Side A 15:46
Side B 15:46


Some random information about the Off World Kick Death Squad material.

Written by Michael Nine.

Off World Kick Death Squad was started with myself and Dan Kandell sometime in 1993 or 1994. He worked at a local record store and because of my obsessive record collecting and mail order trading we started talking. We decided to hang out a few times and that led to us doing improve sessions in his house out in the avenues of San Francisco. I used to go over 1 or 2 times a week and we would as they say jam together. We recorded a lot of material over a short period of time. Never really thinking about releasing anything. Just recording and trying to get better playing with each other. An opportunity arose to perform at a friends birthday at a warehouse in Oakland. That performance was recorded and is on the tape that was released. At the last minute before we started the deejay asked the band name and Dan told them our name was Demerol. I have no idea why he said this. I think the performance lasted around 13 minutes. We never played live again.
I later agreed to to have tapes available for NEdS in Japan, and not wanting to ruin this relationship I released a tape called Arc Light. This must have been a bit after Death Squad had started. Dan and myself ran into some creative disagreements and our relationship was dissolved before the tape was finished. I had no access to any of the material we had recorded during our months of work. In the end the remaining material that was released on the tape were recordings that would be representative of Trucido or even Death Squad. It is difficult to remember the exact timeline of all of the events. But I do remember while recording with Dan that I had come up with the Trucido name. I had even created a homemade banner that could be hung from a table or placed on a wall for live shows. Ultimately it is hard to be correct and exact about origins of the other tracks on the tape. It could very well be Death Squad material, needing to fill up the remaining time on the tape to fulfill the promise to NEdS to fulfill their order.
The origin of this projects name as well as the Death Squad name was from Blade Runner, I believe it was M. Emmet Walsh who said the line “Off World Kick Death Squad” when in fact he said Murder Squad. The Death Squad name was taken from this mis-quote. A kind of mis hearing of sorts. In taking part of the name in a way it was some sort of release from the previous project. I was able to move forward. This was definitely after Trucido.


released February 9, 2020

Notes from inside tape:
Off World Kick Death Squad: Dan Kandell and Michael Nine
Released in 1994 Spastik Soniks - 30 Copies
Reissued in 2020 Edition of 50
Neural Operations NO 28


all rights reserved



MK9 Vancouver, British Columbia

MK9 is a sound and visual therapy project by michael nine that began in the latter half of 2001.
Preceding the end of the controversial and confrontational performances as the renowned project Death Squad.
Originally from San Francisco, California he now resides in Vancouver, Canada.
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